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This page comprises two parts separated by a vertical line:

On the left, the links and options.
In the centre, details of the contacts.

And at the bottom, the field for entering contacts.

Contact categories

First of all, we recommend that you define categories which you can use to classify and find your contacts more easily (for example, Work, Family, Friends). To do this, click on Manage categories in the zone on the left hand side: a new page will be displayed allowing you to create, modify and delete your categories. A main category, called General, is created by default and you cannot delete it, you may only rename it.

Display options - left hand zone

Categories : you can choose to display the contacts from all the categories or those from a specific category.

Sorting : the contacts are displayed in alphabetical order: firstly the special characters, then the numbers and, finally, the letters. They may be displayed either by company or by name. The default sorting setting may be modified in the 'SETTINGS' section of your calendar.

The Address Book - central zone

Your contacts are sorted by category. The first 20 contacts are displayed for each category. If there are more than 20 contacts, a navigation bar appears under the category name. This bar contains numbers from 0 to 9, characters from A to Z, as well as '|' for all special characters, and '<' at the beginning to move backwards, '>' at the end to move forwards.

Creating a contact

To create (or update) a contact, you must use the shaded form situated below the contacts.

The button on the bottom right displays 'Register'. If it displays 'Update', firstly click on the 'Clear' button on the bottom left. In order to create a contact you must enter at least, a surname and a first name, or a company name.

Next you must define a work telephone number, a home telephone number, a mobile telephone number, a fax number, an e-mail address, a postal address and an additional information field.

Finally, if you have defined one or more people with authorized access to your contacts (partner, friend, family, work), it is possible to reserve access to a contact for a given person meaning, therefore, that it will not be visible to others.

Then click on register to save this contact.

Updating a contact

To update a contact, you must select it in your Contacts by clicking on the name. The creation form becomes an updating form and shows the details for the contact in the corresponding fields. The 'Confirm' button on the bottom right becomes 'Update'. You may then update the data and confirm them by clicking on the button 'Update'.

Deleting a contact

A small recycle bin is displayed on the right hand side of each contact in your contacts. You can delete the corresponding contact by clicking on this recycle bin.