Here are the main functions of the Calendae WAP site. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, drop us an e-mail at and we will do our best to help you!

Why use the Calendae WAP site

Even when you do not have access to a PC or laptop connected to the Internet, you can access your calendar and address book using WAP in order to view and update them.

Connecting and access

The official URL for Calendae WAP access is:

You must identify yourself every time you connect using your login, password and, if applicable, your group.

But you can also bookmark the URL below and include your name and password, so that you can access your Calendae account without having to enter your name and password every time you connect:
replace xxx by your login, yyy by your password and zzz by your group (empty if you are not part of a group).

The Calendae WAP site works with all WAP 1.0 compatible devices.

Nevertheless, the cost of the communication remains at the charge of the user. Check pricing policies and packages with your mobile operator.


After you have identified yourself, you will be given access to the main menu: you will have access to your calendar for the current day and the next or previous 7 days, your address book and the secondary menu.
The secondary menu offers you the opportunity to go to a specific date by choosing a week or a month.
The daily calendar displays the list of events for the day. You can create a new one, modify one or delete an existing one.
The address book allows you to find a contact by name, company name, or category. You can create a new one, modify one or delete an existing one.

Testing the Calendae WAP site

Thanks to a HTTP emulator, you can test the Calendae WAP site using your Internet connection. Take note, this emulator is not perfect for converting WAP format to WEB format.