Here are the main functions of Palm synchronisation. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, drop us an e-mail at and we will do our best to help you!

Why use Calendae?

Using Calendae as your Outlook/PalmDesktop to manage your calendar and your address book: it enables you to view and back up data from your PC. Moreover, Calendae allows you to consult your calendar and address book from any Internet and WAP access. And you can share your data with other people in read-only access or full access.

How does Calendae synchronisation work?

Your data from Calendae is copied to a local file. This file is synchronised with your CalendaePalm application and reloaded on Calendae to update our database. The local file is deleted after synchronisation.
The transfer of your data requires a standard Internet connection (HTTP 1.0 protocol, TCP port 80) and access to it is protected by a random 128-bit password during synchronisation.

Synchronisation with the HotSync™ function:

The HotSync™ function installed with the Palm Desktop™ on your PC manages the various synchronisations of your handheld. Generally, it serves to update the data on your handheld with that on your Palm Desktop™, thanks to the conduits installed with the Palm Desktop™.
Two conduits have been developed in accordance with the HotSync™ function, one for managing the synchronisation of your Calendae calendar with your handheld (called CalendaeDiary) and the other to manage the synchronisation of your Calendae address book with your handheld (called CalendaeContacts). These two conduits are independent from each other, and both are independent from the other conduits. They do not use data from your Palm Desktop™, therefore, if your handheld has been updated by synchronisation with one of the two conduits, your Palm Desktop™ must then be synchronised with your handheld. But, since our two conduits use your Calendae data, an Internet connection is required for each synchronisation.
In the same way as most conduits, CalendaeDiary and CalendaeContacts are configurable using the “Custom” option in the HotSync™ function. You can choose one of the 4 standard types of synchronisation between Calendae and your handheld:
* Do nothing: your Calendae data and your handheld data have not changed therefore no Internet access is required.
* Web overwrites handheld: your Calendae data will overwrite your handheld's database.
* Handheld overwrites Web: your handheld's database will overwrite the data on Calendae.
* Synchronise the files: all data created, modified or deleted since the last synchronisation is created, modified or deleted on your handheld and vice versa.
For security reasons, all data deleted on your handheld is stored systematically in ‘Archive on PC’: if necessary, you can still recover the data with the Palm Desktop™ section File/Open Archive.

Setting up synchronisation between Calendae and your handheld:

- Firstly, you have to configure your Calendae account: from your calendar, select SETTINGS, then select Palm and register.

- Then, you have to download the installation file in the download section.

- Install the software. The installation program, developed with InstallShield, will add CalendaePalm to your list of Windows programs. Therefore, you may remove it completely using 'Add/Remove Programs' in your Control Panel. During execution, it will install and save two conduits in the HotSync™ Manager. It will also add programs to the installation directory of your handheld. These two programs will be associated with the two conduits, CalendaeDiary and CalendaeContacts. These will be installed on your handheld during the next synchronisation. They have been developed to comply with Palm™ standards and they are necessary for the good functioning of our two conduits, even if they do not provide the handheld with any special function.

What to do before synchronisation?

You can configure the type of synchronisation (Do nothing, Web overwrites handheld, Handheld overwrites Web, Synchronise the files) by configuring HotSync™ (see above).
You should also check your Internet access. Our 2 conduits use the default settings of your Internet connection (configured in Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options/LAN Settings, or directly in the Windows registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings).

Which handhelds are compatible?

- Palm Pilot (Personal, professional, 1000, 5000), III series (III,IIIc,IIIx,IIIe,IIIxe), V series (V,Vx), VII series (VII,VIIx), m100 series (100,105,110,120,125,130), m500 series (500,505,515)
- HandSpring Visor, Neo, Platinum, Edge, Pro, Treo
- And all other handhelds that run with PalmOS™ 3.0 or above